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In-building Radio Coverage Solutions in Kern and Tulare County

Are you struggling with limited two-way radio range or poor cell phone connectivity? A distributed antenna system (DAS) can solve coverage issues, no matter the range or density of your site. Our solutions for Inbuilding Radio Coverage in Kern and Tulare County will help improve your system so that your business can operate with effortless communication.
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BDA – Bi-directional Amplifiers in Kern and Tulare County

Our Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) boost signals that sustain two-way radio communications throughout challenging areas of your facility. There are two types of BDA, one for two-way radios and another for cellular phones.

Unfortunately, public safety bi-directional amps for two-way radio systems and a BDA intended for cellular phone usage are completely different and cannot be interchanged. We have a wide range of Bi-Directional Amplifiers in Kern and Tulare County, and our team can help you determine which is the best for your building, network, and communication needs.

We can help set up your BDA in Kern and Tulare County so that it’s suitable for your system requirements. Our cost-effective solutions will help your employees remain productive and efficient with uninterrupted, seamless communication.

DAS – Distributed Antenna Systems Kern and Tulare County

Our DAS in Kern and Tulare County picks up wireless signals that come into buildings and deliver them to remote spots. The network of cables already located in your facility is the core of the DAS, but our cabling has splitters that divert part of the system to locations experiencing connectivity issues.

SC Communications Distributed Antenna Systems in Kern and Tulare County can help you achieve an effective communications infrastructure. There are three main types of DAS, each with their own advantages and costs:

1. Active: Fiber-optic cable is used to distribute signals between central sources and nodes placed around a building. Active systems provide the most expansive coverage.

2. Passive: Components such as coaxial cable, BDA, and splitters are used to distribute signals.

3. Hybrid: Some fiber is used for signal distribution, but the passive coaxial cable is more heavily relied upon.

Lower-cost options generally correspond to reduced quality and a shorter lifespan, resulting in higher costs in the long term due to early replacements and repairs. Our team will evaluate your infrastructure and business needs, and recommend the best solution for Inbuilding Cellular Coverage in Kern and Tulare County.

Give your system the reliable network it deserves so that your employees can communicate quickly, effectively, and easily. Contact us today, so we can learn about your current resources, answer any questions, and help you design a system within your budget.

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